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Secret Locations You Will Never Know Yet

These places are out of reach for the majority of the Earth's population. However, we will reveal some of their secrets. Are you ready?

The Coca-Cola Vault
Not only casinos have their own vaults. In December 2011, the Coca-Cola company has built its own vault to keep their most precious secret: the recipe of Coca-Cola itself. This huge safe is closed to anyone but a few lucky chosen ones. 

Area 51 Military Base
This place is believed to be a hiding place for the most famous UFOs that Americans ever heard about. Needless to say that this is a military object and civilians are not allowed here. However, you can always take a sneak peak at this place using Google Maps. Unfortunately, you won't see much this way.

Disneyland Alcohol Shop
Does buying alcohol in Disneyland sound weird to you? Well, there's just one place Disneyland’s New Orleans Square that is offering this kind of service. This  private place is called "Club 33." It's easy to find but hard to get into: there's a 14-year waiting list. 

Secret Library in Vatican
Well, this place isn't that secret and it's more an archive than a library. The thing is that no one from the outside world is allowed to visit this place. However, anyone is welcomed to submit requests to get specific documents which are older than 75 years.

Secret Mount Yamantaw
The mount we are talking about is located in Russian city Mezhgoryie, and is believed to hide a nuclear bunker for Russian leaders. What else could be there? According to the Russian government itself Mount Yamantaw is also a mining site, a national treasury and a great food storage.

Private English White's Gentlemen’s Club
The origins of this club go back to 1693 when it was founded by an Italian businessman who started to serve highly popular chocolate drinks there. After some time has passed  and this club became extremely private place. The only way to get in there was to have 3 existing members to support the newcomer. 

The Metro 2 in Moscow
The interesting fact about this  underground facility is that no one really knows if it really exists. It's believed to parallel the public Metro in Moscow and to serve as a secret underground connection between the most significant strategical objects of Russian capital: Kremlin, FSB headquarters, the government airport etc.

Secret North Korean Organization
This secret organization was created in the 70s and was named Room 39. Being a very strict country by itself, North Korea is keeping it's secretes very good. It is believed that the main purpose of Room 39 is illicit money transactions connected with banks  in China and Switzerland. No one really knows if that's truth either.

Amaterasu Shrine
Japan has many secrets and the Ise Grand Shrine is one of them. It was built 4,000 years BC and is dedicated to Amaterasu, the sun goddess. This place holds one of the most important Japanese artifacts - the sacred mirror. This mirror has always been a property of local emperors and only members of the imperial family are allowed to see it.

English Bank Vaults
Bank vaults of England were build for one purpose only: to protect the gold reserves of the United Kingdom and many other countries. These vaults are located at Threadneedle Street, London. The information about vault workers is highly confidential.

Google's Project 02
Google spent $600 million in 2006 to build its secret Data Center based in Dallas. This place was shrouded in secrecy since the first days of its existence. Only a few journalists were ever allowed to go there after signing confidentiality agreements. Just so you know, this place is huge!


  1. Im going to steal a coca cola recipe after that im going to build a company name cock a cola. Lol!

  2. Google project 02 sounds interesting to me. Lol


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